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Reasons selling over Christmas can cheer buyers

Don’t fret if you’re trying to sell your home as the tinsel’s going up. There are some little known advantages to selling through Christmas and new year.

There are challenges to selling your property through Christmas and the new year. Many agents close up shop and have a break, people get distracted with presents and parties, and let’s face it… most of us are just plain exhausted.

But if you find yourself selling over the holidays, don’t despair. In some ways, it can be a good thing. You just need to know where your advantages lie.

Spring Fallout
The Spring selling season is winding down, and many who’ve parted with their home are now on the hunt for their next property.
If the season was competitive they’ll be a good number of people who missed out on their dream home and need to close the deal before the end of the year.

Buyer Accessibility
Though it’s a busy time of year, most people have more time up their sleeve to scout properties they’ve had an eye on.
Normal work schedules make viewing lots of properties a challenge. As workload and commitments slow down, motivated buyers have much more time to search through properties that appeal and get out to see them.

Less Competition
Selling at the height of Spring or Autumn means you’ll need to work hard to stand out from a crowd. There are usually less properties on the market over Christmas and New Year, meaning motivated buyers will have fewer prospects to tempt them.
By January and February, property listings are surging once more, and demand for your place may dip.
Milk the fact you’re one of a special few.

How We Feel
With less work and more merriment, people generally feeling happier and more relaxed over the holidays. When buyers are cheery, they’re in a better mood to negotiate and more likely to act. The process should be easier on all parties.
Starting a new year and wrapping the previous one makes most people reflective. We think about what we did and didn’t do, our goals and dreams. How we did on that New Year’s resolution list from last year. It’s a time of taking stock and reinvention – the perfect state of mind for moving on to a new home and a new chapter of life.

Auction Aversion
They’re a great way to produce top prices for properties in certain areas, but auctions can be intimidating for a lot of buyers out there.
Auctions tend to shut up shop over Christmas and don’t pick up until the new year. If you’re selling through that period, more than likely you’ll be selling via private treaty, which will put many buyers at ease.

Romantic Appeal
Depending on where you live and how you decorate, a home can have a unique appeal during the Christmas season. If your target market is families, you can tastefully dress your property so it lives and breathes the perfect family Christmas.
Buyers can get more emotional over the holidays, so appealing to the heart strings isn’t as taboo as usual. Embrace the season and you’ll connect with others who love it.

Rental Transition
The rental market gets noisy this time of year. Leases are up, and people are working out their next step – new place to rent, or, for many, time to finally buy. Catch them while they’re in transit.

Tax requirements or strategic maneuvers, end of year bonuses, administrative headaches…

There’s a bunch of reasons buyers might want or need to get their paws on a new place before Auld Lang Syne kicks in. Make it a smooth proposition for them and bundle your property as the solution to their problems.

May Santa deliver the perfect buyer for you!

Source: realestate.com.au


For Sale Christmas Style

Living in a popular holiday destination like Cairns, means that your on-the-market home could attract visitors, not only of the family and friends variety, but of the potential buyer kind who are looking to relocate from interstate or overseas.

At this time of year the word ‘declutter’ seems unspeakable when placed in the same sentence as ‘decorations’, ‘holidays’ and ‘family’. However, the reality for you this year is that your home is on the market and it’s a game-changer. You don’t want all of your hard work preparing your home for sale to go to waste over the holiday period.

So how do you balance presenting your home to potential buyers and welcoming your family and friends during December and January?

‘On the twelve days of Christmas my agent said to me…’

1. Creativity is Key
Less is more when styling your home for sale so look at everything with a ‘half as much is twice as good’ attitude this year. Your focus is on inspirational ideas that halve the spatial impact whilst delivering double the benefit to family, friends and onlookers alike.

2. Setting the Scene
Potted colour by the front door is often recommended when styling a home for sale. At this time of year a vibrant door wreath can serve just as well to show a clear path to the front door for first-look drive-by viewers.

Door wreath viewed at http://retrorenovation.com

3. Colour Fusion
Christmas colours complement every palette from beachy blues to earthy tones and everything in between. When selling your home during the festive season, remember to use a colour palette indoors that blends with your existing colour scheme rather than a boldly contrasting one.

4. Star Attraction
This year, your home is the star, not the colourful decorations. Christmas accessories, such as your Christmas tree, decorations and lighting should accentuate the size and features of the rooms without overcrowding them.

5. Deck the Walls
Instead of pulling out the large traditional tree perhaps try inexpensive Christmas wall decals that make your living room look larger, fresher and modern. (Cutely decorated baby optional.)
Christmas Wall Decals from http://www.babyology.com.au

6. Religious Relief
Christmas is a wonderful time of year that is enjoyed by many Australians regardless of their religious origins. Celebrating the season without overtly religious overtones in your home-for-sale will add appeal to the broadest number of potential buyers.

7. Decor’ations
Simple vases and platters are inexpensive ways to add consistent style during and after the celebrations. The trick is to find items with year-round appeal that won’t be out of place in the wake of Santa’s sleigh.

Florals courtesy of http://www.floralimages.com.au

8. Lightening over Lighting
Remember, less is more when presenting your home to the market. Overdoing festive lights can detract from the features of your home inside and out. Far better to invest in washing windows and replacing interior bulbs with the highest energy-efficient wattage. These will show your home in the best possible light to potential buyers.

9. Candle Power
No other decorator item says Christmas quite like candles. They effortlessly blend your on-the-market home’s style with your celebrations. It’s recommended that you place candles at least 3.8 cm apart to make sure they burn evenly. Candle displays are also effortlessly restyled after the festivities.

Candles available at http://www.partylite.com.au

10. Storage Solutions
You want to be able to respond quickly to potential buyer requests to view your home, so enlisting the support of guests and having a place to store their bedding and belongings during the day is essential. Quick storage solutions will help you stay in control of your home’s presentation whilst on the market over the holiday period.

11. Glamour finishes
Can’t help yourself? Satisfy your Christmas styling urge this year by wrapping your gifts in glamour colours and metallic finishes. Go crazy with gold, silver, bronze and copper papers, ribbons and bows.

12. Giving Double
While not strictly a styling idea, gift cards or vouchers are a great gift idea when time and space are restricted. They take up a fraction of the floor space as traditional gifts but may be worth twice as much to your loved ones once the Boxing Day sales kick in.

Source: http://showsell.com.au

Are the RBA cuts finally beginning to change consumer sentiment ?

Australians are beginning to respond to interest rate cuts earlier in the year, with consumer sentiment surging to its highest point in 19 months.
The Westpac Melbourne Institute Index of Consumer Sentiment for November, released on Wednesday, rose 5.2 per cent to an index level of 104.3 – its highest point since April 2011.

A reading below 100 indicates more consumers are pessimistic than optimistic about the economy.
Westpac chief economist Bill Evans said the result was unexpectedly positive, given sluggish performance of the previous readings.
“After a long 16-month period when it held below 100 for 14 of those months, we are finally starting to see that the Reserve Bank (of Australia)’s 150 basis points of interest rate cuts is having an impact,” he said.

He added, though, that the index was still only 0.9 per cent above its level of this time last year.
Mr Evans said the uptick in sentiment was most likely based on global factors, as well as the RBA’s rate-cutting decisions in May, June and October.

However, a desire to boost conditions in the economy could prompt the RBA to consider easing rates at its board meeting on December 4.
“The Australian economy is facing uncertainty around the mining sector and with contractionary fiscal policy and a punishingly high Australian dollar,” Mr Evans said.
“We need further rate cuts to help build on these early signs that lower rates are having an impact on households’ confidence.”

All components of the data improved in November, with a rise of 11.1 per cent on the sub-index measuring views on family finances compared to a year ago, and a rise of 1.3 per cent on the measure of expected family finances over the next 12 months.

Australians were also positive about economic conditions over the next 12 months and five years, with the relevant sub-indices improving by six per cent and 3.4 per cent respectively.
The sub index tracking whether now was a good time to purchase a major household item rose 5.1 per cent.

However, state-by-state results suggested there was still some concern about the longevity of the mining boom, with confidence falling 5.2 per cent in Western Australia, and 8.7 per cent in South Australia, perhaps as a result of the Olympic Dam project being cancelled.

Commonwealth Bank senior economist John Peters said the survey suggested Australians were generally more positive about domestic and global conditions in November.
“It appears that the cumulative interest rate cuts over 2012 have finally propped up consumer attitudes and improved family finances,” he said.
“As well, a stable unemployment rate over November and the decisive re-election of Barack Obama in the US presidential election are likely to have had some positive influences on consumers.”
Source: Nine News Finance

Law reform welcomed by the real estate profession

Tuesday 23 October 2012
The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has welcomed the announcement that the State Government will simplify the key piece of legislation which regulates the real estate profession.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie made the announcement at the REIQ’s Annual General Meeting in Brisbane today.

The reforms will involve splitting the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act (PAMD Act) into four separate Acts to better reflect and represent each of the sectors. The State Government has also committed to reducing red tape during the reform process.

REIQ chairman Pamela Bennett said the REIQ had lobbied for many years on behalf of its members to have the PAMD Act streamlined.

“A review of the PAMD Act in 2008 reported that consumers, the industry and fair trading officials found the legislation difficult to navigate due to its breadth,” she said.

“The REIQ worked hard with the then-State Government to facilitate change and it was announced more than two years ago that the legislation would be split.

“Unfortunately, there has been little progression since that time, so the REIQ and the wider real estate profession congratulate the Attorney-General and the State Government for their commitment to simplifying the buying and selling process for all Queenslanders.”

Ms Bennett said the REIQ had been involved in consultation with the State Government since the election to ensure the needs of its members and the wider community were being addressed.

“The simplification of the legislation will not only make life easier for all those who work in the real estate profession but will also provide significant benefits to consumers during the buying and selling process,” she said.

“The REIQ will continue to work closely with the government to ensure the reforms are a success for buyers, sellers and agents.” Source: Real Estate Institute of Queensland

Has the market entered a recovery phase or are we seeing a temporary improvement in housing market conditions? Source: Tim Lawless on October 18, 2012 in Research, RP Data Rismark Indices


Based on daily movements in the aggregated RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index (updated daily at http://www.rpdata.com, http://www.asx.com.au, Bloomberg & Reuters) covering Australia’s five key capital cities, Australia’s housing market reached a recent trough on May 30 of this year after values peaked 1.5 years earlier and 7.7% higher. Since the recent low point in the index, dwelling values across the five city aggregate index have gained 2.5%.
Each capital city reached their respective market peak and eventual trough at different times. Perth’s housing market peaked the earliest (May 9, 2010), followed by Brisbane (May 13, 2010) with the other major capitals finding a high point in October or November 2010.
Additionally, the recovery time frame and duration of the correction varies from city to city. The cities where housing markets were comparatively weaker recorded an earlier peak, while the stronger markets (Sydney and Melbourne) saw values peak later in the cycle. The combined Brisbane/Gold Coast market saw values consolidate over a two year period, with values falling by 12.9%. Adelaide’s housing market correction ran for 1.8 years, with values down 8.4%. In Melbourne, values fell by 11.1% over 1.6 years, Perth recorded a 12.5% correction over 1.5 years and Sydney’s housing market saw the smallest correction, with values down 6.8% over a 1.5 year period.

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