Entice your buyers to find the love of their life in your home!

A home is more than just shelter – a home is where the heart is! You don’t buy just bricks and mortar. You buy the lifestyle as well. Even in a slow real estate market, buyers have a checklist of the things they NEED their new home to have such as 3 bedrooms, a big backyard, close to schools or near the beach etc.

But even after finding a number of homes in a suburb that meet those essential needs, what is it that really makes a buyer decide to commit to the largest asset they will ever own and sign on the dotted line?

They are seeking an emotional connection that makes them “fall in love” with a home. Most buyers make that initial emotional connection within the first five minutes of walking through the front door. Why? Because they can generally see up to five areas of the house from there. If they like what they see, it’s “love at first sight”!

Sellers need to imagine they are preparing their home for sale like they are getting it ready for a first date. They need to romance the buyer. Do you remember the process you went through when you embarked on meeting the person you fell in love with? Did you get excited and scared at the same time? Did you go “as is” or did you go all out to present yourself in the best possible way?

I’m sure you didn’t just pull out some old outfit from the back of the wardrobe and hope it would do. I’m guessing you made a special effort to present yourself in the best way possible. I bet you also (females especially) made sure your hair was perfect, your nails were manicured, you brushed your teeth and you wore your favourite perfume (or aftershave in the case of men)!!

Speed Dating: What Happens when Buyers Start Looking? Speed dating gives men and women a mere five minutes to introduce themselves and make enough of an impression to merit a real, full-length date. It takes place in large groups so that each speed-dater has a couple of dozen or so brief chances to make a love connection. First impressions make or break the outcome.

Much like speed dating, buyers on the hunt for a new home do something similar. They have their list of homes that they have found in the paper or off the Internet, and armed with a GPS and the open home inspection times they move rapidly from house to house over a brief period of time in their own quest for “house love”. And just like in speed dating, positive first impressions are crucial for getting your home sold, because buyers are comparing several properties within a very short time span.

To sell your house fast and for the best possible price, your best bet is to create a sensory event that bombards the buyer with an emotive reaction. As with finding your life partner, you want your home to;

Look good – Smell good – Sound good – Feel good
Let your buyers know that you care enough about your home and how they are going to react by going to the trouble of dressing your home to impress. Entice your buyers to discover the love of their life in your home!


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